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After the reign of the empire, a new evil rises, an evil that can't be stopped. BUT...That doesn't mean that you can't help in the fight! You can build your army, create your lightsaber, and defeat the sith with the new Lego Star Wars Generation 3 collection!


Product Name Release Date Includes
Battle on Naboo 2 7/?/12 BULLET Pilot (x2), Republic Battle Pilot (x2)
Attack on the Jedi Temple 7/?/12 Harold, Darth Zegious, Jedi Padawan (x3)
Lego Star Wars Building Set 7/?/12 Starter Set Jedi (x1), Starter Set Sith (x1)
BULLET Advanced Fighter 8/?/12 BULLET Pilot (x1)
Jedi Training 8/?/12 Jedi Padawan (x2), Master Mangzel
Alliance Factory 8/?/12 Alliance Trooper (x4), Training Supervisor (x1), Battle Instructor (x2)
Republic Battleship Unknown Yet Deck Worker (x2), Captain (x1), Jennifer, Alliance Trooper (x3), Commander Neil
First Encounter 9/?/12 Darth Zegious, Harold, Samuel, Jaden
Jedi Obstacle Course 9/?/12 Jedi Padawan (x1)
Sith Obstacle Course 9/?/12 Sith Apprentice (x1)
Rojal's Strike 3/?/13 Rojal, Alliance Trooper (x2), Darth Zegious


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