Facebrick is a social network commonly used by Rebel Soldiers.


Friend System

A user can send a friend request to another user, if declined, the other user can send them a friend request. The user can seperate from another user's friend list at any time.


Users can play games such as: Robo Takedown, Tony's Pizza Maker, and other games to earn "Brick Points".

Brick Points

Whenever a user plays a game or checks out a new feature, they earn Brick Points to spend on things like movie props from movies like Clutch Powers (note: actually exists).

User Pages

Each user has a user page, which can only be editing by that user, they can add emotes, videos, pictures, and more.


Users can message each other through a message wall or in-game-chat.


Users can also go on Facebrick's live chat feature.

Blocking and/or Banning

Users can get blocked and/or banned for cursing or other things for a total of 3 months max.

Notable Users