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Lego MasterEdit

Hi! I am Lego Master, and I joined this wiki on June 13, 2012 (I joined because I made it) . Like all users, I am a Lego Fan! My Favorite Character is Lloyd Garmadon .

My Friends

  • Mark is my Best Friend ever on this wiki!
  • N8 is my Friend, too.
  • Ahmad is my Friend also.
  • Ermac is an awesome editor.

My Characters

My Series

About Me

I am Lego Master, I founded this wiki on June 13, 2012. I love legos, and I love to write, so I thought to myself on June 13, "Hey, I have an account now, why don't I make a wiki that combines those two things?" I tried multiple names, Lego Fan Fiction, Lego Fanon, until it finally said that the name "Ultimate Lego Fan Fiction" wasn't taken. I love Ninjago, and I loved Lego Universe, so naturally, I HAD to make a sequel to both!

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