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Closing Down

Hello, all users who still pay attention to this Wiki. On 8-15-2013, this wiki WILL be shut down. If you are upset about this, I am sorry. But, do not worry, the replacement wiki has been created, it is called the Super Realm Wiki.

Contents[show]Changes For Community Team Members
Administrators, Bureaucrats, and Chat Moderators of this wiki, if you join the new wiki, I cannot guarantee that you will regain your positions from this wiki. I am sorry, but you will have to earn them this time, I will not be just making my friends members of the community team just because they made a few edits.

Changes For All Users: Edits
This is for all users. If you go on Chat, there WILL BE an edit requirement that you MUST reach before being allowed to be on chat, this edit requirement has not been confirmed yet, but it will probably be somewhere around 25-40 edits. Also, these edits cannot be just edits on your user page, file uploads, or constant edits to a single page.

Changes For All Users: Chat
Another area or function of this wiki that shall have several changes is chat. Like I stated above, there will be an edit requirement for chat. The list of changes to chat are as followed, and please note that some of these shall not make the final cut, or, will, but with some slight modifications:

All of the current emotes from this wiki will NOT be carried over to the new wiki, only a select few will, and I will decide which ones are on this list. Also, there shall be several new emotes, but not emotes for EVERYTHING, like "Hi", or "W00T! THIS ROCKS!" (I sound so dumb right now). There WILL be emotes for things like these, and please keep in mind, you will have to type them in parenthesis () in order for them to work.

G2G (that will be carried over from this wiki, with a few adjustments)
BRB (that will also be carried over from this wiki, with a few adjustments)
WB (same as the two above)
BBL (same as the three above)
LOL (same as the four above)
IKT (If you don't know what that is, it means "I Know That")
Light Bulb aka Idea (Perfectly fine)
Chat Rules
FINALLY, ENOUGH ABOUT THE EMOTES. There will also be new rules for chat.

Spam is NOT allowed whatsoever (sorry Sklei)
Chat Moderators cannot kick users for no reason, the user must have misbehaved by: Trolling, using a sock-puppet account, harassing another user or community team member, or refusing to listen to a community team member after being warned, or told to leave chat for a certain reason.
"Jokes" about subjects like rape are NOT allowed (Okay, they never were in the first place, but still)
The blacklist shall be updated, I'm not allowing certain words that users were once allowed to say.
Changes For All Users: Templates And Misc.
The Wiki's Main Subject
Now, as you all know, the Main Subject of this wiki is Lego fanon. Well, the new wiki will have that in common with this one. The new wiki's Main Subject WILL be Lego fanon, and I know several of you are happy about that.

On the new wiki, you will see templates like Infobox Character, however, these templates will receive several changes. There will also be new templates concerning other, I'm not revealing any yet.

The new wiki's rules will pretty much stay the same from the rules of this one, with the addition of a few new rules, and perhaps the removal of some older rules that didn't quite make sense.

Well everyone, I created this wiki on June 13th, 2012, only 9 days after I created an account on Wikia, and soon, 427 days later, on August 15th, 2013, I will be leaving it behind. I thank everyone who participated on this wiki, and I assure you, the Super Realm Wiki shall not disappoint you.
-Lego out
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